I’m graduating at the end of 2018, am I still able to enter the competition? 

All secondary school students, as of 2018, are able to enter the New Zealand Secondary School Photography Competition.


Am I able to use photoshop to edit my photos?

Yes, you are most welcome to perform any editing to photos using any application or software.


I don’t have a proper camera, can I use my phone to take photos?

You are able to use any photo-taking device you wish.


How will I know if my submission / entry has been received?

You should have been emailed when your registration/entry was received. If this is not the case, please email admin@nzsspc.com to double check.


Should I submit photos in colour or black and white?

Feel free to take creative license on your photography, so this is completely up to you!



Question not answered? Contact us directly by emailing admin@nzsspc.com