The theme for this year’s competition is Contrast.

The New Zealand Secondary School Photography Competition chose this theme to encourage young photographers to appreciate the differences we encounter in society. We want to celebrate the diversity in Kiwi culture, and how this concept can be explored effectively through the lens of a camera. Whether it is light against dark or old versus new, contrast can be identified in many aspects of our lives and can be drawn upon for artistic inspiration. Photographers should feel free to interpret and illustrate this theme conceptually or visually.

Within this theme, there are 3 subcategories: people, nature, and still life 

People: Capturing humans. 

Nature: Capturing anything of the natural world including landscapes, animals, wildlife, etc. 

Still life: Capturing inanimate objects. 

Participants were able to submit up to three photos all together, into any of the categories they wish. (This could be one in each catagory or three in one category etc)

View this document to view the terms and conditions of this competition.